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About the Australian Renderers Association

The Australian Renderers Association (ARA) is the national membership body that advocates for producers and traders of rendered animal products at both state and federal government levels, as well as in various industry forums. The ARA plays a key role in facilitating domestic and international trade in rendered products.

The Association also provides training to help guide members through industry regulations, promoting safe and sustainable operations. Notably, over the past twenty-eight years, the ARA Accreditation Workshop on Hygienic Production of Rendered Animal Products has provided valuable training to over a thousand individuals.

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The Australian Rendering Industry

For over 200 years the Australian rendering industry has been a vital contributor to Australia’s agriculture and food production, creating valuable energy and protein sources from animal by-products.

These quality ingredients are utilised in a variety of applications, including nutritious feed for livestock and pets as well as for manufacturing pharmaceutical components, edible tallow and tallow for soap, cosmetics, and biofuels.


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    Commitment to quality: The industry is internationally recognised for its strict compliance with codes of practice and standards, with accredited plants subject to independent audits.

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    Sustainable: Over 2.7 million tonnes of animal material that would otherwise end up in landfill is recycled into valuable fat, oil, and protein products annually.

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    Safe and hygienic: The Australian industry leads the world in hygienic rendering practices and follows strict processes and regulations to maintain safe production standards.

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    Highly regulated: We operate in a highly regulated environment with stringent requirements for food safety, animal welfare, and environmental protection.

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    Innovative: Over the past four decades the industry has evolved into a modern and technologically advanced sector.

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    Supportive: The ARA provides a range of training programs, including local and international workshops, seminars, and online courses, aimed at improving the quality of rendering products and services.



The Australian Renderers Association (ARA) has a rich history dating back to 1976 when it was founded as the Australian Meat & Bone Meal Shippers and Producers Association. Initially focused on issues such as shipping rates and government controls on meat and bone meal exports, the ARA succeeded in removing these restrictions, enabling greater market access.

In 1989, the Association changed its name to the Australian Rendering Association and became increasingly proactive in addressing industry challenges, particularly with the emergence of the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) problem in the UK. To ensure the hygienic production of rendered products, the ARA introduced Accreditation Workshops and a Code of Practice for Hygienic Rendering of Animal Products.

The ARA also places a strong emphasis on education holding its first International Symposium in 1991, with subsequent symposia held bi-annually. As a continuation of the establishment of the Code of Practice, the ARA now accredits rendering establishments that are in compliance with the Code, reflecting the Association’s ongoing commitment to quality and safety in the industry.

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