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About the Australian Renderers Association

Australian renderers play an important role in the circular bioeconomy, reducing food waste and sustainably recycling valuable agricultural resources. Internationally recognised for its commitment to quality, hygiene, and sustainability, the Australian rendering industry maintains strict adherence to a code of practice, accreditation, and training systems.

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Includes practical demonstrations and a visit to a rendering plant.

The Accreditation Workshop has provided valuable training to over a thousand individuals in the past twenty-eight years. Participants are awarded a Certificate of Competency from AUS-MEAT and the Australian Renderers Association upon successful completion.

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2024 dates

  • 16th – 21st June

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ARA Symposium

Discover the latest trends and insights in rendering at the biennial Australian Renderers Association International Symposium. Join industry experts and peers from around the world for two days of networking, seminars, and sharing knowledge. Gain a competitive edge with the latest updates on cutting-edge technology and invaluable industry connections.

17th ARA International Symposium, 17th-19th September, 2024 – Brisbane.

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Second successful In-Market Forum, Indonesia

The Australian Renderers Association (ARA) held the second In-Market Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia, as part of the Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) Program. Recently, in November 2023, the first round of audits was completed by DHGLAS officials with the view to reopening the trade of Australian-rendered products to Indonesia. The ATMAC program funded…

Australian tallow exports exceed $1bn for first time, driven by biofuels industry

Today, the spotlight is on the Rendering Industry, making headlines in an article on ABC Rural and a radio segment on the Country Hour. Peter Milzewski, the President of the Association, shared insights during an interview, touching on the surge in tallow prices driven by the growing demand for biofuels. The conversation also delved into…

Hygienic rendering training continues to attract maximum capacity

The Association continues to draw a maximum capacity of participants for its Accreditation Workshop on Hygienic Production of Rendered Animal Products, reaffirming its vital role in educating staff about the hygienic production of rendered animal products. This initiative underscores the commitment of the Australian rendering industry to uphold global standards of excellence. The workshop is…