The Accreditation Workshop has provided valuable training to over a thousand individuals in the past twenty-eight years. Located at The University of Queensland in Gatton, the workshop offers an excellent opportunity to prepare your staff to meet the requirements outlined in the 2nd edition of the Australian Standard for the Hygienic Rendering of Animal Products.

The central focus of the workshop is to emphasise the significance of quality assurance in preventing contamination of rendered products. Topics covered include unit operations in rendering as well as hygiene issues.

The program also offers practical demonstrations of methods of transfer of microorganisms and a visit to a rendering plant.

Participants are awarded a Certificate of Competency from AUS-MEAT Limited and the Australian Renderers Association upon successful completion.

The major topics of the workshop are:

  • Growth and survival characteristics of microorganisms relevant to rendering.

  • HACCP-based quality assurance protocols for rendering.

  • ARA Code of Practice and the revised Australian Standard for Rendering

  • Domestic and international requirements for the production of rendered products.

  • Heat transfer within rendering systems.

  • Operation of presses and centrifuges

  • Tallow and meat meal specifications.

  • Reduction of foreign objects in raw materials.

The cost of attending the workshop:

  • ARA Members: $3300.

  • Non-members: Due to the current high demand, the course is only available to ARA Members.

The cost includes tuition, all meals, and accommodation. Participants will be accommodated in student Halls of Residence with well-equipped, air-conditioned rooms, shared bathrooms, and all linen provided.

Location The University of Queensland, Gatton, QLD

2024 dates

  • 16th – 21st June

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